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Lecciones sugeridas/Lecciones disponibles:

  • Nuestras lecciones estándar*
  • Lecciones basadas en libros de texto
  • Lecciones utilizando artículos en línea

Libros de texto de muestra/Nuestros libros de texto estándar:

  • face2face_Elementary
  • face2face_PreIntermediate
  • face2face_Intermediate
  • face2face_UpperIntermediate
  • face2face_Advanced

*Usar un libro de texto es opcional.

Auto introducción:

Hello! My name is Anna and I am both British and Australian. I am currently living and working as an English teacher in Mexico. I really enjoy passing on my knowledge of the English language to learners of all levels and I am very patient and empathetic. I have been improving my level of Spanish here in Mexico, and so I completely understand the enjoyment, but sometimes frustration, that comes with learning a new language. I love to travel, visit new countries, learn new things and meet new people. I would love to be your English teacher and would love to hear your story. I hope to see you soon!  

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