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Auto introducción:

Hello everyone,

I'm from the Northern Spain but now live in Germany.

I teach Spanish and Japanese.

The thing is that I went to Japan to study Japanese and was a student of Kansai College of Business and languages for 3 years.
Fortunately, now I've become a a professional interpreter/translator, and am a big fan of Japan and the culture.

Since 2014, I've been living in Germany and study German….. I know very well about the difficulties about learning a new language.

I can organize lessons according to your need, I'm very flexible and try to entertain you even when we study Grammar.

Please feel free to suggest topics and ideas for the lesson.

For example, you can tell me your interests when you book a lesson.
And also we can use online articles or I'll teach you how you can survive when you go to Spain/Latin America or Japan.

Nothing is impossible!
Hope to talk to you soon!  

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