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Lecciones sugeridas/Lecciones disponibles:

  • Nuestras lecciones estándar*
  • Lecciones basadas en libros de texto
  • Lecciones utilizando artículos en línea
  • Business English
  • FCE

Libros de texto de muestra/Nuestros libros de texto estándar:

  • face2face_Elementary
  • face2face_PreIntermediate
  • face2face_Intermediate
  • face2face_UpperIntermediate
  • face2face_Advanced

*Usar un libro de texto es opcional.

Auto introducción:

Hi, everyone!

I'm from Mexico. I love learning and teaching languages. Therefore, since I was 20, I have been working as a language teacher at top universities in Latin America (UNAM and ITESM) and I have prepared students for Cambridge certifications.

I speak Spanish, English, Italian and a little of Japanese. To learn and practice these languages; I have worked at the international airport, been a tourist guide in a museum, traveled to Europe and studied a major to be an English teacher.

I believe that knowing a foreign language gives you the opportunity to make more friends and empowers you to be a citizen of the world so... do not give up and keep on learning!

I can help you to improve the language you are learning and to achieve your educational goals. If you want to talk or practice any specific topic, please tell me when you make a reservation so we can make the most out of our sessions.

It will be my pleasure to talk to you soon,


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